Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bang bang

Lots and lots of black powder smoke. It was awesome. Went to the muzzle loader shoot in Friendship Indiana. It is going on all week. Lots of old and new muzzle loaders there for purchase and just looking at. There is a huge fleamarket with a little bit of everything.

They had the above shooting area with targets up on the hill, and, they also had a nice long range. Sure wish they were closer to home. Lots and lots of shooting tables. Too many to count. And targets galore at all different distances. I was surprised there weren't more people out today. Vendors were a little depressed. The weather was absolutely perfect for it.

Found a really nice old Harley there among the antiques. It was one of the vendors and not up for sale. I just couldn't resist a few pics though.

Tomorrow, maybe a little cave exploring, or, a trip through Louisville. Have to decide tomorrow.

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