Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Just chilling out with the dog. Put the turkey in pretty soon, watch some old James Bond movies and relax. Nice to have a few days off work to unwind. Plenty of chores to do, but I am taking today off.
Picked up a Stihl gas powered leaf blower at a holiday price. Be nice to cut the cord as my yard is significantly bigger than old house. Lots more mature trees as well. Be breaking it in tomorrow. They had a $50 gift card if you spent $200 or more on Stihl products. I bought the gutter cleaner kit which put me just above the amount. They also had a double warranty and a six pack of oil for it for free. So, four year warranty, and I only have to drop it off where I bought it. No mailing it somewhere or traveling anywhere special. Hopefully wont need servicing as all reviews were positive and most of the people at work swear by them. Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving and a safe holiday season in general.

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