Sunday, November 19, 2017

It's more money out the door

It is Sunday, before the evil Friday that starts the Christmas madness. But, the sales start today. My poor Galaxy s5 has been limping along, poorly. I do love the phone, and the removable battery. It has hit the point where it overheats and goes into shutdown loops where I have to pull the battery and let it cool down. I have been putting off the inevitable. They have terrific sales going on now. I upgraded to the s8. Though it doesn't have the removable battery, it has more features than I will ever need, and the price was slashed for the sale, so it is easy on the wallet. Actually got a good salesperson this go around. He transferred everything over to my new phone for me. Last time I bought a phone, the salesman couldn't get me through fast enough. I had to download an app at home and struggle through the madness. It went very smooth. I will definitely give him a good review. Still trying to enter my email passwords for mail and apps. It will take a while to get it all ironed out. Want to get a case for it as I always hate the thinness of the new phones.

Also, bought some new Klipsch speakers. BestBuy has an amazing deal going. The salesman didn't even know about it. I had to show him on the web. Buy two floor standing speakers and a subwoofer, get half off. HALF. They are very high priced at regular price, but amazing speakers at half off. Big difference when I installed them. I want to eventually get the surround speakers for it, but they are not on sale this time around. I will wait. They too will go half off as they do about twice a year.

Bank account will get another hit later in the week. I plan on buying my dishwasher and refrigerator as this is the best time of year to get a good deal on them. Range may wait until I determine what I want and run a gas line.  I have the refrigerator pretty much picked out. I am still trying to determine the dish washer as I bough a whirlpool last year for my old house, before I decided to move, and was not happy with it at all. My twenty year old dishwasher was better than it, and it was one of the higher end models with the stainless steel tub. Range, I am still bouncing around on. I am leaning towards a 36 inch, which there is not a huge selection to choose from. I could go 30 inch, but would have to pull the cabinets and move them around. Easier to just buy one to fit the opening. I want to buy new countertop this winter as well. Doing away with the built in range top gives me more counter space. Don't know how much I can get done this week, but I will try and get some of it done. Countertops may wait until spring.

I am waiting for a four day weekend. These one day weekends are getting old. Money is good, but I need some downtime to relax and get some work done. After Thanksgiving, I only have three more weeks to work this year. Have a lot I hope to get done in that time. New windows should be getting done fairly soon. Haven't heard back on a delivery date yet. Looking forward to a done house. Spring is the new garage.

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