Thursday, October 30, 2014

Well, that's a pleasant surprise.

Back to work after vacation to full chaos and a heavy work load. Been working ten hour days all week, which isn't bad. Was suppose to work Saturday, and, they scratched my name off of the list. A two day weekend. I can go either way, work or not,but I do like my two day weekends. Rather work ten or twelve hour days all week and have the weekend off, so all is well. Gun show at the 4H center next county over as well. Get to hand out candy to the young little monsters tomorrow. Hard to believe another year is just about done. Have an open house at a house for sale really close to the club I belong to. Be nice to live a couple minutes (walking distance, literally) from the club, and still only a ten minute ride to work. Has a pond in the back yard, and the pond is at the corner of some woods. Nice. Not really looking to move, but, if this one is not a pit, I may be looking into one more move. More property, and I really like the location.

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