Thursday, October 9, 2014

Well, money is fun too, I guess....

Weekend list is out, and I am on it, which means no Saturday machine gun shoot. Bwahhhhhh. Oh well, at least the money will be good. May go Sunday if the weather is good, but they are predicting rain, and a soggy machine gun shoot isn't quite as much fun. Although the gun show is under cover. Have to see how I feel Sunday. One guy is on vacation a couple days early next week which means I have to go in at 5AM on Monday and work ten hour days for the first few days. Have to go in after work Monday to get my permanent crowns installed for just that extra bit of fun. So, I may just have to wait for the spring machine gun shoot. May go to the club and help out with the spot shoot again. Got my hours in, but it's a good time and they need the help. A lot of the members buy out their hours at the end of the year instead of working them, which puts the work load on the other members of the club to keep things functioning. They tried raising the price of the hour buy out to help get volunteers, but changes are voted on and you can't get people to raise their own bill willingly, so, it remains low turnout.

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