Thursday, October 2, 2014

Well, nobody was using it anyway, right?

So we have trouble with ISIS. We have trouble with Ebola, now in the US thanks to not doing a better job securing travel from the infected areas, and the democrats refusing to secure our borders as it would interfere with the self importing of additional demorats. What is Obama doing about it? Numb nuts is coming to my town tomorrow. He is going to help all the local demorats out campaigning. Flying the taxpayer paid 747 with entourage all over the country campaigning. Anyone living in the western part of Indiana, or the eastern side of Illinois, knows route 41 is THE main thouroughfare through the state. Useless will be landing sometime tomorrow (as of yet, no definite time)  and traveling down 41, so, the non democrat populous (aka, the working class/taxpayers) will have to find a way around the main north south through way as it will be shut down for the security of our useless leader as he helps campaign (gag). He spent his unproductive career as senator out campaigning for president. He has spent the vast majority of his presidency out campaigning for both himself, and his co-conspirators. Schools will be letting out real early as to not strand kids with main road shut down. Useless's speech is to a closed audience of overpaid underworked union critters at a small steel mill. People who would blindly vote democrat anyway, being union workers and all. At least he is suppose to be flying back out tomorrow night. Hope they leave the radio off at work tomorrow. All they brayed about on it today was about Obama's big visit tomorrow. Pence is suppose to show up to greet useless. In this day and age, and with fuel being as high as it is, he should be able to do more of his pandering via internet, news media from white house lawn, and teleconferencing. Why he has to fly all over wasting tax payers money just boggles the mind. Only good part about it is, with his ultra low popularity, he may actually do more damage than good as he campaigns for his buddies. One can only hope.

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