Saturday, October 4, 2014

Nice relaxing day

Started off the day at the local gun show. Didn't buy anything as the big show is next weekend. After the show, I cleaned the truck and waxed it up. Getting chilly out and nice weather for that kind of thing is running low. Got home and visited the neighbor. He bought his first ever motorcycle. Picked up a Harley sportster to learn on. It is a nice size for learning. I keep toying with getting another motorcycle one day. May sign up for the classes in the spring to see if my back can endure riding anymore. Surely a cheaper way to find out than buying one. They supply bikes for the classes so I would only be out about seventy bucks.

Tomorrow, back to the club to work another spot shoot. This will complete my hours needed for the year. Probably work several more just to help out, and have a bit of fun. Won't be able to work the couple after this one though. The machine gun shoot takes priority over the club shoots. They are just too much fun.

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