Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hate to see it go

The crippling economy has been tough. The company I work for has been expanding every year, up until now. I moved down to southern Indiana when they closed the machine shop in our plant in Alsip several years back. They allowed me to retain seniority and vacation when I transferred down, so that was awesome. The plant up there kept going, but the work on the molds came down here, and I followed the work. Now, they are forced to cut back and have decided to shutter five facilities, including the one in Alsip Illinois. It was our show piece for years. The company I worked for, before being bought out by the present one, had it's headquarters there, and it is state of the art and massive. Probably a very smart move from a financial point as Chicago area taxes are down right ludicrous, but my heart goes out to all the workers losing their lively hood. Some of which are the ones who I worked with and had to go to the main plant after our shop was shut down, so this is a repeat for them. It was the second shop I worked at. Learned a lot there and worked with a lot of highly skilled people. Really hate to see it go. More of that change Obama promised. We use to grow at an unbelievable rate. Use to that is.

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