Sunday, November 17, 2013

All kinds of crazy weather today

Woke up to cool and  rainy, like heavy loud beat the ground to mush rain. Once the dog made his quick and brief sniff routine, it was time to cook breakfast. Finished eating and headed out to the grocery. Rain had stopped and it had warmed up considerably, even a little sun. Get out of the store, the traffic signals are holding almost horizontally and the sky is black and rain is back and also horizontal. Cut the chores short and head home. After putting groceries away, the dog needs out. I let him out, rain gone and sky clearing again. Head back out to check out a truck I saw online. Sky blackens again and rain starts intermittently. Check out trucks and head to consignment store to pick up a couple things. Weather gets windy and rain picks up harder. I head back home again, put stuff away and sit for a bit and watch Heart concert. Get up to let dog out. It is now Sunny and in the seventies. Weird weather all day. Lucked out so far. Heard there were tornadoes spotted all around us. Didn't hit our area, just all around the area. Hope to continue missing them.

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