Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A little math.....

So far, roughly 100,000 have signed up for Obama care. I have lived in Indiana my whole life, so, I tried to compare that number to a population size. That number matches the total population of Hammond Indiana and throw in Highland's (a little town adjoining Hammond) total population. Five of those people live in DC. Five. FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obama, being the fool that he is, is flying here and there and everywhere, selling his failed bill. Flying around in air force one, trying to sell something no one wants. I would like to point out that DC's population is 630,000 people. Six times the total that have applied so far. How about Obama stays home and tries to sell his wares locally before going on a road trip. Heck, he may even stop by his office in the evening and do some work. He may be able to sit down with all of congress, not just the dimocrats, and come up with a budget. Heck, we would be saving a ton just having air force one parked for a bit. Millions have lost their insurance due to his bill, but one hundred thousand sign up. Hmmmm. I do believe I have had enough change. Sure hope people are smart enough next year to reward all the dimocrats that were chanting yes we can while jamming this Obamanation down America's throat. Instead of looking at what they can do, they should have worried more on what they should do.

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