Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Monday

It was a gorgeous weekend, but still too short. Hit the flea market for a bit. Nothing I couldn't live without. Headed over to the new gun store. It's opening got pushed back a few weeks. Only a couple blocks from the club, so it will be a regular stop off. Hit Gander Mountain for the first time in a couple of years. They definitely improved their gun section.

New democrats are rolling across the border again full blast. The taxpayers are even nice enough to foot the hotel bill. Aren't we just special. Apparently, they are coming seeking asylum from the drug lords. Wonder how they all came to that exact get into America free card catch phrase. Hmmm. We could always rev up the boats and motor them down toward southern Mexico and drop them off way away from the nasty border. We did offer that service many,  many years ago when the government did actually deport them. They didn't kick them across the border, they dropped them way down south so it wasn't an easy task just walking back across. Not considered politically correct, but, it was called "operation wetback". It worked so well, the illegals were fleeing across the border so as not to wind up where they had no relatives. It should get them away from the drug cartels as the cartels are concentrated at the border bringing their drugs in. Nope, we can't deport them. The demorats are in charge. They are putting them up in hotels on the taxpayers dime and shipping them to other states and putting them up there. What is wrong with our government???????

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