Friday, August 23, 2013

Frog Follies-Day One

Got up and headed out to the Follies. No pictures today. I hit the sales booths and picked up some literature, tools and parts. Picked up some air tools and found some items for the Mustang. They have a nice power steering conversion kit that isn't too badly priced. Hit the flea market area and will go through there again tomorrow. Tomorrow will be spent mainly checking out the cars. Fridays, the crowds are low, so I spend my time shopping. Tomorrow, the vendor booths will be swamped. The weather was HOT. I love the used car section. All the classics lined up for sale. Of course, the prices are significantly higher than they were when I was a kid. There was a really nice cherry Mustang for sale, for a mere $30,000. They had the remnants of a 69 Chevelle, one of my all time favorite cars. Only a couple grand, but, it looked like all you were buying were the title and VIN plate. The car was so rusty and stripped of parts, it looked more like something for the crusher than for restoring. They had an old VW van for sale. Haven't seen one in years. My dad had one when we were kids. Saw a couple vintage pick ups I would really like if I had the room.

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