Monday, August 5, 2013

Fifteen dollars an hour.................WOW

I read the article of a fast food worker who thinks he and all fast food workers should get fifteen dollars an hour. For flipping burgers? For not being able to make change or operate a register so they put pictures on the keys. Fifteen dollars an hour??? Really.....I can feel sympathy for people in this economy, but, when you are in your thirties and trying to make a career of flipping burgers, you made some bad choices. The worker in the article goes on to talk about not being able to buy shoes for his three children. Three. There is a movement where they are striking for more money. Striking, in an economy where there are people waiting in line for your job? Really?

 I made the harsh choice to go to school in order to earn a living wage. I was not smart like my brother, who went to school directly out of high school. I waited a few years, got married, had a kid, and got divorced. I went to school while raising my child as a single dad. I had one child, not three. I went to school while working sixty hours plus, a week at a factory working for peanuts. I had to pay daycare and get a sitter to watch my son while I was in school. Work paid most, but not all the school bill as long as I kept the grades up. I did not expect a free ride through school, nor did I get one. I did not have a litter of dependents and expect the public to foot the bill. Why is it most of the new generation expects to be just handed everything. Burger flipping is an entry level job for kids to earn money while in high school, or to offset the cost of college. It never was meant as a career. My school days are long behind me, and my child is raised. When my parents passed away, I spent a good chunk of the money I received from the estate and put my son through college. I did not expect society to put him through school and I wanted him to have an easier time than I had starting out in life.. If you want more than minimum wage, you have to work for it. There is no free ride, though Obama and his followers are sure trying to make it so by sharing the workers wealth.

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