Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hump day

Things are picking up again at work. Actually going to only have forty hours this week, but, next week should be back up to full swing again. The emergencies are already trickling in. I intend on enjoying the last of the lull. Finished up at work and headed to the grocery store. On the way, I found a little hole in the wall consignment store that I have driven past without noticing it for a couple years. It is awesome. They have nice furniture. Not rejects from a yard sale. Not stuff that should be put out on garbage day. Real nice old furniture at very reasonable prices. The store was packed with furniture. The aisles were narrow. I felt like I was in an episode of pickers. I found a few hutches that show promise. I am having a hard time deciding between them. It would give me some more cabinet space in the kitchen. Want to get a dresser for the guest bedroom and maybe another curio cabinet for my stein collection.

The weather is incredible. This global warming climate change is awesome. Going to hang out in the shed and empty some aerosol cans into the atmosphere. Me and the dog threw a steak on the grill and just relaxed out on the patio until the mosquitos threatened to carry me off. This weekend is the release of the latest book in the silo series. New reading material for the weekend. The next weekend is Frog Follies and the Indy 1500. It is always a challenge to fit everything in to that particular weekend. Going to use a personal day for that Friday to spend at the Follies. Not sure whether to go to Indy on Saturday or Sunday. Hoping the weather continues. The Follies are usually pretty brutal temperature wise.

A few weeks after the Follies will be vacation time. Can't get over how fast the year is going. Want to get the garage finished while on vacation and hopefully get the mustang closer to road worthy. I did get my mini mill set up yesterday in the garage. With the extra workbench space, I have more room to set up tools and work areas.

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