Sunday, November 11, 2012

One more week

Live through one more week and it is vacation time again. Actually got to work only forty hours the week before last  and fifty this past week. I feel like I am working part time. I think I will be back on ten hour plus days this coming week with a Saturday thrown in for good measure. That is more the norm. Not sure what I will be doing for vacation. I usually take some mini trips somewhere, just not sure where this time around. May head over to the fort Knox area. I noticed they have a civil war era fort there. May have to check that out and drop off at Knob Creek for a little shooting fun. Hopefully, my rifle will arrive Monday. Pictures looked great so I can't wait to see it. I ordered it through gunbroker using my C&R which saves me paying an FFl dealer. Delivery to my door is a plus. May have to check in to getting a regular FFL. Talking to a buddy at the show and he says it isn't too hard. Says he has a class 3 license and operates out of his house. Regular FFL would pay for itself with only about ten gun transfers. I have quite a few friends that use FFL's to do the paperwork for online purchases. I can save them money and have the ability to order guns I want directly from suppliers without a middle man.  Next purchase is going to have to be another safe. Just no more room. Thinking of getting a medium one for my reloading room. Have a little gun show going on today at the armory. They didn't have anything I can't live without.

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