Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Newest acquisition

And it's free. Picked up my AR I won from the clubs raffle drawing. Can't beat the price. It was the same one they gave away at the club meet a few weeks back. I guess they couldn't get hold of the original winner after multiple attempts, sooo, they drew again. My name came up. YEAH. Have to check on the gift card. It is suppose to come with a $200 gift card for sights. I am more than happy with just the gun. Also got to meet one of the club members that has a FFL license. Now I have someone close by to order guns and scopes through that I can't get through the C&R license.

Made a vat of homemade chili and some cornbread muffins. It's a good day. Tomorrow will just be the dog and myself  with a roasted chicken with trimmings. Eat, take a nap, then eat some more. Probably head to the club in the afternoon to play with my new toy. I have a set of sights I took off my other AR when I installed the scope. See if my buddies are up to blowing some stuff up. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving..

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  1. Excellent! I'm a day late, but here's hoping you had a good Thanksgiving!