Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I actually voted for a democrat....

No, not Obama, God no....I hit the polls on the way home from work. I timed it just right. Six people ahead of me. Only took about five minutes. On my way out, the line backed up out the door. I can't believe I hit the lull. I held my nose as I voted for Mitt. Hope it makes a difference. Not holding my breath though. I also did something I am not proud of. I actually picked a democrat for a local position. Our county is currently going through what I think of as a hostile take over. The city of Evansville is having a vote on weather to incorporate us or not. Unfortunately, through channels I don't understand, the county (in which I live) doesn't even get a separate vote as to whether we want to be sucked up into the city(which I most certainly do not). The proper way would seem to be, have the county vote on whether they wish to be incorporated in one vote, then a separate vote afterwards as to whether the city wants it. Not in this case. I still don't understand the unjust law that allows them to do this. Anyhow, there is a local democrat that organized and headed a group against the reorganization. Today, I voted for him as a thank you for actually actively working towards what the constituency actually wanted over what the local government is trying to jam down our throats. No matter what their party, I have to respect the official that actually tries to help the people of his district. Too many politicians only worry about what they can get out of it. Now, just the waiting. Four more years of Obummer, or four years of Mitt. My expectations are low, just get the Chicago politician out of the white house. Maybe he can be Chicago's new new mayor.

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  1. Sounds like an entirely reasonable choice. Probably find quite a lot of common ground at the local level.