Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holiday prepping

I checked out a new place a guy at work recommended to board Spike while I am away for the holiday. Looks nice. Each unit is separated by a wall and has it's own dog run. The sleeping quarters is indoors and heated, and the run is outdoors, but a roof keeps the weather out. There is a flap seperating the indoor from the outdoor so he can go out whenever he wants. Probably won't want to come home. If it works out at Christmas, I will use them in the summer as well. They have a nice play area set up with a kiddie pool for the dogs and lots of running room during the summer months. Prices are extremely reasonable. What is really nice is it is separate from the big dog kennels. There are several buildings which keeps it from sounding like a dog pound when you walk through it.

Hard to believe it is only about four weeks until Christmas. No idea where the year disappeared. Didn't get to the range today. Back has been having fits. Too much heavy lifting at work the last couple of weeks. Took two of my days off before the spasms quit. Hope to get to the range tomorrow. I found the old sights for my other AR and tried them out on the new one. I have a Leupold AR scope on my other AR. Haven't quite decided what I want on this one yet. Had a couple buddies call today looking to go to the range, but the back is borderline today. Hoping it is back to normal tomorrow, or as close to normal as it gets. Kid at work got his first AR a couple weeks ago and wants me to see it. Hit the range early and then take Spike to the vet for his shots in the afternoon. Finish vacations off at the club working the spot shoot. Think they only have a couple more left after this Sunday.

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