Friday, February 24, 2012

Sunny weekend

Suppose to be a sunny (but cooler) weekend. Still haven't decided on Indy or the gun club. I hit Whitaker's gun store after work. Their web site showed a 45LC Uberti open top navy revolver. It was used but looks like new at half the price. I can't get it until Sunday. Silly gun laws. I can walk in to a Kentucky gun store and purchase  a shotgun, assault rifle or a Barret 50 BMG(which they have several ready to go) , and walk with it. But, a handgun has to be sent to an FFL dealer on the Indiana side. I really hope one day they can fix it so you can pick up same day. Fortunately, the FFL they deal with comes in on Saturday, picks up all guns sold to Hoosiers during week, and they are available Sunday from 1-4 in the afternoon. I am really happy with my .38 open top, and now I will have one chambered the same as my rifle. It will be nice for the reloads that have a slightly high primer as well. I wouldn't want to feed any bullets with high primers in my lever gun, but if they are almost flush, they will be fine in the revolver. Don't have a problem on the .38's, but for some reason, I occasionally get a few rounds where primer doesn't fully seat on the .45LC's. I wandered around the store until they closed. It is always fun and lots to look at.

I will see what I feel like in the morning. May go to Indy for the motorcycle show, or hit the gun show at the 4H and then the club. I have a few guns I want to try out as well as play at cowboy town for a while. My buddy that was going to go to the Indy show with me decided to buy his new Harley Wide Glide tomorrow. He and the wife are going to go pick it up. Still can't talk him into selling me his soft tail. His wife likes it and won't let him part with it. He had it when they were dating. He does have an old sportster he is trying to sell, but I would rather have something with a little cushion.

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