Thursday, February 2, 2012

Still enjoying the warmth

Actually worked a forty hour week this week. It's February, in the 60's, and I actually get off in the early afternoon all week and am able to enjoy the weather. Took the Vette out to blow the cobwebs out of it and wash off some of the dust. Suppose to get a little rain over the weekend, but still plan on hitting the range. I have yet to shoot the M1A and plan on it this weekend. They have three gun shows going on this weekend as well, so hopefully I can get more brass for the .45 colt and get a set of dies for .45 acp so I can load lead ammo for the 1911 .  Should be a pleasant and busy weekend. One of the shows is at the armory and I am hoping the guy is there that sells garrand and m1a items. He had a few different scope mounts for the M1A's. He usually has garrand ammo at a reasonable price along with military memorabilia. Reloader there has bullets at a really decent price as well. Going to hit the one out in Booneville as well. Usually bump in to some of the guys from work at that one.

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