Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pictures of the P14

Here is a picture of the Enfield Pattern 14 Edystone rifle I picked up at this mornings auction. It has some dings and wear, but is intact and matching. At first, I thought that the stock had been modified as it has some flat spots on the left side. After doing some research, I found that the flats are the design of the Edystone P14s as well as no finger grooves. The brass tag on the butt is missing and plugged which is common on them. It does have the front volley dial plate intact including the stud the pointer bolts to and it is not ground flush.

I found a source for the pointer as well as a replacement for the rear volley peep site. Enfield had them removed at the arsenal during WW1 when they finally realized volley fire is a thing of the past. I just thought it would add to the authenticity of it's original manufacture. The one web site even offers the original rear volley peeps where you can specify manufacturer so you get the right letter. So the gun will still be all matching.

 The number 4 Mark 1 is in decent shape. I picked it up really cheap and it is nicer than the one I have. I will trade my other one in at the next gun show that has something of interest. It came with the tag where it was inspected and test fired. Really wanted the Krag, but the P14 made up for it's loss and at a real reasonable price. Have to keep an eye on their web site for future auctions. The auction house is a couple miles down the road. They have estate, antique, gun and real estate auctions. I was looking at some items coming up in an estate auction they have in the near future. They have some nice antique furniture. Nice way to spend the morning.

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