Thursday, February 9, 2012

Packages at the door

That was some very quick shipping. I had two packages of bullets sitting on my stoop when I got home. I am still amazed that there are still trusting people out there. I ordered them Tuesday and put the check in the mailbox. Most people wait until a check clears to ship (myself included). It is nice to see there are still people that trust in others in the world. The product looks great. He even shipped me some sample bullets (.38 RNFP) to try out. They are different than the RNFP's I usually get in that caliber as they have a slight ledge on them. I want to see if they feed in my lever gun ok before ordering 1000 of them. His prices are extremely reasonable. I will print out a order form and take it to the club so members can order from him. It will help the supplier out as well as save the cowboy shooters alot of money. Suppose to be cold and slight possibility of snow, so it sounds like perfect reload weather. I want to hit it hard. Hope to load all the .45 colt brass, several hundred rounds of .38, 100 .357 magnum and hopefully set up the .45 acp and get some ran off to try out during the week. Guy at the gunstore I buy my powder and most supplies from recommended running off a small batch and making sure they feed smoothly and that it cycles well. He says sometimes you have to adjust the charge to make sure it ejects properly. This will be the first reload for a rimless round.

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  1. Email me the address of your supplier, please