Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Rain today, so I figured I could take a day off of moving stuff and just sit and relax. Wrong. I get an email from my storage unit. My unit was found unlocked and I need to come check it out, again. This nonsense happened last month and it wound up being that the unit, which has two doors, but only  one operable as the other one is bolted shut, only had a lock on the operable door and not the one that is bolted shut. The people who inspect the units noticed it and notified all people with double door units. IDIOTS. This time around, I got the message minutes after getting home. I let Spike out, get him back inside and head over to unit. My unit is fine, unit next to mine is missing lock and has a cut off lock laying on the ground. I go to the office. They are out to lunch. I head to Lowes and come back a bit later. I tell the office guy that he notified the wrong unit and that I found the one next to mine tampered with. He informs me their system glitched and notified everyone that their units had been left unlocked. Brilliant. He also lacked interest in the fact that the unit next to mine had a cut lock. Says people cut the locks off their units often, that it isn't a concern. I am so glad I will be out of there by the weekend. It is a pathetic way to run a business. I only have a few items left in each unit, but they are big. Two workbenches, two console stereos, and a treadmill base. I also have my two lathes in there, but they are table tops. Heavy, but somewhat manageable. Picked up some deli for dinner and now relaxing a bit. Tomorrow is the last workday for the week. Thursday I will finish emptying units, get my new riding mower, hopefully mow yard, and do some stuff around the house. Friday is the Frog Follies. Saturday will be the Follies or the Indy 1500 gunshow.

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