Saturday, August 5, 2017

An actual relaxing day

Simply had breakfast, hit a gun show and shopped today. Fun shopping. Hit up the local home improvement and lawn care joints to price out lawnmowers. Found a couple of decent deals. Hoping Sunday brings clearance sales. One place has a clearance going, but I have a coupon for Lowes for 10 percent off of purchase which would put a similar mower quite a bit cheaper, and with zero percent financing. Be great if Lowes puts theirs on clearance tomorrow. Should be hitting that time of year. They are clearing their lawn furniture out now. Gun show had a few cool guns. One Garand I really liked, but I have a really nice one and with the house and moving, I just don't have the money to spare at present. I did make the mistake of passing up on some ammo on the way in figuring I could get it on the way out. It was gone when I came back. I already have enough ammo to make a liberal weep uncontrollably for a great deal of time. But I can always use more. Tomorrow is suppose to rain, so I will do my cleaning and laundry. I have to disconnect and move the washer and dryer when I am done as I am taking them with. I hope to be able to move them into the garage. Moving most of stuff I can move to garage for staging. Movers are $150 an hour. My time is cheaper. I plan on cutting their time to minimal. There are three of them, so if I have everything staged, it should go quick. I disconnected the big safe and rocked it out several inches from wall so they can get a dolly under it. One in living room is lighter, but I will let them dolly it out. I will bust down beds and drag out to garage as well. Hope to have them down to a couple hours work. As soon as I get keys Monday, I plan on hauling all the boxes over and unpacking most of them into cabinets and closets so as to get the pain out of the way. I cleared a lot of stuff out to goodwill and garbage. The storage units will get emptied in the evenings after work. The rental units I got are only a few minutes away from the new house, so the trips will be very quick.

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  1. For a mower, seriously consider a Zero-Turn. Faster and smoother and more maneuverable than a standard tractor type.

    And you can still haul a yard cart or roller with 'em. Not too much more money either.