Monday, August 7, 2017


I finally got the houses taken care of. Signed the sale of the old one in the morning and signed the papers of the new one in the afternoon. Movers are coming in the morning. I have the pistols all stored in a locker. Put it in the truck in the morning. I still need to get the rifles wrapped up and stored so the safes can be moved. Busy, busy, busy. May be a few days until I can get the internet hooked up. Hope to get it tomorrow, but not sure. The provider I use now can make it. I talked to the owners of the house and they said their service is just as lousy as I have where I am at. I guess I will go with the other provider. Just have to see if they can make it out tomorrow. If not, I may have to wait a few days. I paid all my bills up to date so I won't be hurting bad if the net goes away for a while. I pay just about everything online, so I don't want to be without for long. Should be somewhat back to normal very soon. Be nice to be able to cook again. Spike is at the kennel. He is going to go nuts when he sees his new back yard. It is huge. Nice cement patio to cook out on. I am already ready for the weekend. The owner said the guy across the street from my new house has a couple vettes and a couple mustangs. I will have to play catch up :)

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