Saturday, March 19, 2016

Liberals suck, and get away with it, always

Not a huge Trump fan, but, why can the liberals once again, block a highway and get away with it. For hours on end. Police don't know what to do? Really. Paddy wagons come to mind. Haul all vehicles blocking the roadway away and cuff ALL protesters immediately and reopen the highway. Furthermore, prosecute the protesters and hand out jail time. Give a nice detailed report on the news of protesters being sentenced to jail for being douchebags. How many of these protests does it take for police to do their jobs. It is not free speech to stop traffic. Look at the black lives matter groups blocking traffic and getting away with it. Put an end to this mindless crap. I fail to see the problem that is keeping the police from doing their freakin jobs. It is never the people on the right or people that are moderate, it is always the liberals pulling this crap. And the media tries to justify it, and the police sit on their hands and hope the liberals don't burn too much stuff up. Pathetic. Oh well, the media can scapegoat Trump on it this time once again. Could you imagine if someone tried it with Bernie or Hillary. I bet they would skip rubber bullets and go right to live rounds. Times have really just gone to hell.

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