Sunday, March 6, 2016

I did something wrong on my AR, and I just can't figure it out

I assembled an AR a few years back, and I love it. It shoots very accurately, but, I can not get it to go into full auto mode. Now, I never believed an AR, a rifle that looks like an M16 but was built for civilian use, had a full auto feature to it. However, when I hear the gun experts, today it was Hillary, braying about the idiot that shot up the school with his AR full auto assault weapon, I just had to look again. I know someone that has all the years of experience that Clinton has and wants to take on the NRA must know all the facts. I may just have to take it to a gunsmith and see if he can fix it. I can't seem to be able to insert my bayonet into the bayonet holder either, so I went back to using the bayonet holder for my sling. I really must go to a democratic school on guns so I can get the full use out of my weapons. Even my semiauto pistols seem to be screwed up. I pull the trigger, and only one bullet comes out. I have to release the trigger and pull it again to get another round down range. Hillary and her ilk keep telling me that it should spew bullets down range until it is empty with the single pull of the trigger. Maybe I just need to get some clips for them. I keep using magazines, but, they seem to think it is the high capacity clips that make them shoot faster and be able to hold more. Maybe I can sign up at the Bloomberg academy.

On another note, it was kinda depressing watching the democrats debate. As much as I hate their policies, they don't act like a three stooges festival like the republican debates. They don't cut each other off, name call, and they almost stay on topic. The moderators had to re ask questions a few times to get an answer, but they did answer. It was like watching a couple of adults talk, sort of. Senile adults, liberal socialist adults, but adults, somewhat. I hate the democrats view on a lot of things, but, I am really disgusted with the republicans altogether. I may actually sit this election out. They need to throw out all the contestants (more suitable a word than candidates) and start from scratch. And no, I don't want to see Romney come up to the plate. If Trump actually makes it through, I may just dab some vaporub under the nostrils (holding the nose like I did for Romney just won't do) and go vote for Trump. I figure at least he will be entertaining. The country will still burn, but, we can watch him walk into the Oval office and tell Obummer "You're fired".

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  1. We both must have gotten defective parts....I have the same issue.