Saturday, February 27, 2016

Total burnout day

I did something I haven't done in years today. Slept until almost 11 o'clock. I went to bed early and ended up sleeping a good chunk of the day away. Just feel totally burned out. Way too many hours of work and not enough days off. Still have several weeks until vacation. I do feel a lot better this evening. Spent most of a really beautiful day, inside watching movies and resting in general. Hopefully be back to a more normal state tomorrow. Feel a lot better now after resting up. My back feels a whole lot better. Suppose to be gorgeous tomorrow. Plan on taking the Vette out for a nice long ride on some of the country back roads for a while. Don't have any real plans, just some nice relaxation. It's great to finally have a couple days of down time. May take Monday as a personal day just to extend the rest for a bit. Head to the range and blow some stuff up.

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