Friday, February 26, 2016

A full weekend off

I actually get a full weekend off and have no definitive plans. Awesome. Not sure what I will do yet, but it won't involve an alarm clock for two days. Not suppose to be as nice as last weekend, but it is suppose to be 50's tomorrow and upper 60's for Sunday. I can live with that. Did my errand running after work to get it out of the way. May work on the truck a bit tomorrow. Have a few minor repairs to do. Want to do some work in the garage as well. Be nice to get out of the house a bit and get a little sunshine.
Caught the republican debate. It looked like a three stooges episode. Kept waiting for Trump to poke Rubio in the eye and slap Cruz in the head and holler wise guy. It was a bit entertaining. Kind of a scary pool of turds to try and pick your leader from. Got the Demorats, Killary and Bernie socialist Sanders, or, your pick of the republican reprobates. I have come to the conclusion I am going for Trump. He is entertaining and not a politician. They all suck, big time, but, Obama has lowered the bar on what we expect for someone in the oval office. I figure Trump will build the wall. He doesn't need executive order or congressional support to deal with illegal immigration. He just has to let ICE go back to doing their job unhindered. Hell, congress may start to work together to try and stop Trump. Think of it. Democrats and Republicans working together for a common cause. These are sorry times to live in for sure.

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