Sunday, February 7, 2016

A bit more ammo

Hit the other local gun show on the way home yesterday. They didn't have much. Thins it out when they double down on the gun shows. Did pick up some more ammo for the broom handle though. I use to buy ammo at Precision ammo up in Hobart Indiana when I lived up north. They now set up at our local show. They started at the show a couple months back. Talked to him yesterday while buying ammo. He says they did so well, it will be a regular stop. Their website doesn't show all the ammo they actually carry. They had the broomhandle ammo, which is an odd caliber for modern times, as well as ammo for various military calibers not commonly found. I am glad they are coming down now. Saves shipping, or lining up with Og or my brother to get some when I visit up north. Figure I will hit it up again today. I have a ticket to get back in free. Sometimes Sundays bring good deals.

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