Sunday, January 17, 2016


I am impressed. I upgraded to windows 10 when it first became available. Windows 8 sucked to put it mildly. Anyhow, my hard drive went south. No warning, just black screen stating no hard drive detected. Dead. I bought a new laptop. They have some great sales going on now. I proceed with the usual long tedious process of reinstalling all my info, or so I thought. I started the new computer up. It immediately asked me for my outlook address. I put it in. I made it when I upgraded as it was required for Windows 10 upgrade. When computer boots up, there is my custom wall paper greeting me. It brought in my favorites, and setting up e-mail was almost automatic. Unreal. Still not quite sure of the how, just relieved most of my settings and info are still here. Somehow synced from the cloud. I had to dig in the cobwebs I call my brain to remember how to get internet explorer to come out of hiding. I dug it up and pinned it to the bar for easy access, made it my default browser. I open it. All my favorites including the ones I made yesterday on my back up computer were all there. WOW. I lost some things, but nowhere near what I thought I lost. Windows 10 may make my new favorite replacing XP, which I still use in the garage. Some of the software I use doesn't bode well on anything above XP.

Indy 1500 is going on as is a huge gun show in Louisville. I just don't feel like taking the drive. I have almost every gun I have an interest in, so I am not really in the market for anything in particular. I can hold out for a couple more months for the machine gun shoot. With Obama opening his big yap whining and crying because congress won't take everyones guns away surely made the gun sales go through the roof and the crowds heavy. I hate going to gun shows and being elbow to elbow and getting shoved down the isles. I do have a gun auction coming up in a couple weeks.

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