Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Buddy from work is getting ready to head up north to go bear hunting in a few weeks. Needed to sight in his new scope. Took him out to the club for a bit and got it all dialed in. While there, I tested the little ERMA .380 I picked up at the auction. Got a whopping four rounds out before it jammed, and jammed, and jammed. Have to take some of the other brand I have out and see if any of it feeds any better. Don't understand getting four good ones in a row, then nothing. Emptied mag, put different cartridges in a couple times. Removed one bullet at a time from mag to see if spring tension had any factor. Take it back this weekend with some Winchester white box and a few rounds out of my personal protection box just to try it. Presently using reloads from a very reliable supplier from northern Indiana. They feed fine in my Browning BDA. Wish I had taken a few other guns along to play with. Wasn't planning on having issues. Need to take the drill along next time. All the backer boards are shot out. Club keeps new boards stacked to the side, but without a way to unscrew old and screw in the new, not much good.
 Love my truck, but still have to work out my range supply storage. Use to keep range bag, tool box, rangefinder, safety gear and all in the cargo area of my SUV. May arrange an underseat compartment for the back seat of truck so I can leave gear there all the time. Weekend list at work is out. I am actually getting what I believe to be my forth weekend in a row off. Unreal. It is gorgeous out, and I am getting weekends off. I might actually get use to this. May even have to go out and get a life. Looks to be a shooting weekend this weekend. Cowboy town is calling.

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