Thursday, August 7, 2014

I can't believe they left out MLK
I believe they tried to change the rest, but the omission of Martin Luther King. Usually when liberals try to rewrite history, this type of mistake wouldn't happen. The rest, very believable. From the people who have already changed some text books to make the second amendment as meaning arming militia only. Upon being questioned about it, the response was it was a mistake when they shortened it. Like the second amendment was so long, it had to be shortened. Their latest attempt is  leaving out such things as the Holocaust, Ben Franklin and many other things from history teachings all together. Portraying  our countries heroes as bullies. Yes, I believe the liberals have won a lot of ground over the years, and now, if history doesn't back their beliefs, they just rewrite it. I sincerely hope the idea gets nixed. It is very important that history be taught, and taught properly so as to be less likely to repeat great mistakes of the past. The constant push by the liberals to brainwash the kids into thinking in the screwed up manner as they do is quite discouraging.

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