Friday, August 22, 2014


Which hurts worse, the feet or the sunburn? But it was worth it. It was like being in a freakin sauna out there. Hit the Follies at opening and stayed until close. Did go back to the truck to turn the AC on and cool off a few times. Not really a place to get out of the heat at the show. They shut the booths about four in the afternoon. I think they are open later on Saturday. Didn't take any pictures today. I hit the sale booths and the used parts area rather hard. Picked up some stuff for the mill and lathe for a great price. Found one guy who had threading inserts for $20 for a pack of ten. In other words, I got ten inserts for the price of one. Name brand too. He was selling a lot of tooling he picked up at auction, so it wasn't the cheap Chinese junk. Got a live center for the tailstock on the lathe as well as a silver deming drill set. A decent set of taps and dies. I also took back the steering column I bought last year and got the right one. I ordered the right one at the show last year, but they sent the wrong one. They were off by one letter on the part number which made a huge difference on the part. Once I showed them the mistake, they were very apologetic and remedied it quick. I now have a column and the fittings to put it together.

May go back out there Sunday as some people don't set up until the weekend. Tomorrow, I believe I am going to play in the garage. Have to start the day hitting the barber, but then, back home and get some stuff done in the garage.

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