Friday, July 4, 2014

Ton of chores off the list today

Got up this morning and ripped out the nonworking ceiling fan in my room and installed the one I bought yesterday. They had such a great sale on fans going, I picked one up for the dining room. It had a hideous chandelier. Had being the key word. I installed that one after doing some running around. The new fans are energy efficient models and I replaced the lights with LED's. I now have very few regular bulbs anywhere in the house. They not only save energy, I no longer have the annoying chore of chasing burned out bulbs all the time. I have been wanting to put one in the dining room for some time now. It is much more pleasant at the table with the air movement, and without the head bumping, ugly light that was there. The running around part, I picked up supplies to finish refinishing the fireplace. I installed a mantel kit a while back and picked up some bricks to finish out the opening. I had also built a platform to relocate the big screen TV up above the fireplace. Today, I finished trimming out the area between the fireplace and the TV to hide the cable box and audio equipment. It looks much better. Still need to install the decorative brick, but that should be a quick job for tomorrow. Have most of the odd jobs knocked out that I wanted to accomplish on vacation. I should be able to start having a bit of fun as my full week of vacations starts.

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