Saturday, July 5, 2014

A day of porky goodness..

Headed over to the butcher shop as I was out of bacon. Picked up a ten pound box so I should be set for a while. Broke it down into vacuum bags of a pound each. Once you have real bacon, there isn't any going back to Oscar slimmer again. You actually get more meat and very little grease.  Dropped by the school on the way back to the house. The local kids baseball was selling smoked pork butts to raise money. Picked up a hot off the smoker pork butt. I actually remembered to take a heavy pan with this time. They usually put it in a flimsy tinfoil container which is both hot and not very good at keeping the juices off the interior of your vehicle. Made for an easy lunch, an easy dinner and plenty of leftover to freeze in small packets for future meals. They had the farmers market set up outside the butcher shop as well so that made for a productive run. Spent most of the rest of the day relaxing after all the work yesterday, it felt good.

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  1. MMM. Bacon. You need to have your big brother pick you up some of the bacon at Beef Mart in Valpo. It's pretty hard to beat. Enjoy!