Friday, May 24, 2013

He still has no clue

Finally got a response back from Obummer and his ilk on reprimanding Feinstein. Not sure at all about the part where WE agree on anything. I haven't agreed with anything Obama has done or his anti gunning cohorts in crime. Shall not be infringed negates everything him and Feinstein are trying to pull. I don't understand how anyone above a third grade education could possibly have trouble understanding the second amendment. It is short and directly to the point. It has no mention of hunting. It doesn't say only flintlocks and muskets only. Maybe we can send a third grader down there to interpret for the democrats. As far as Feinstein, the part of charging her with treason or at least removing her from office is on account of her not following her oath to uphold the constitution. The WHOLE constitution, not just the bits that fit her and all liberals agendas.

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