Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there.

 Had a pretty good time at the NRA auction. Caught most of it. Got up at 3AM to get work out of the way. They had some nice guns for auction, but the prices went ridiculously high.  A couple Henry rifles went a little higher than I was willing to go. Was looking at an old high standard .22 with original box, but, it went for almost three times it's worth. They did have a really nice 03A3 smith corona with sling, but, I already have a few 03's in the safe along with an 04, so I let it go. It didn't go at too high a price.

 I did win some ammo for the Swedish Mauser though. They had lots of ammo and components. It was unbelievable what people were bidding on .22 ammo. They had about fifty bricks of .22 and were getting double to triple it's normal store value. If I run out, my .22's shall sit until ammo comes down to normal prices. Haven't figured out what has caused the scarcity of it to begin with, but I won't pay twice (or more) of what it is worth. They had a tremendous amount of ammo and components. Wish I could have gotten there earlier. There were many items I would have bid on at the silent auction had I gotten there early enough to get near it. They laid it out poorly. The gun auction was going on directly in front of the silent auction so crowds were standing in front of the silent auction preventing people from seeing and bidding freely. Next local Friends of the NRA banquet is in August at the 4H center. That is the big one.

Whitaker's is getting back to normal on both guns and ammo. They are back to selling bulk ammo by the case as well as no limits on anything but the .22, when they can get the .22 in. Their AR rack is back up to about a third of what it is normally and gaining daily. Probably going to go ahead and get my AR10 when I find it. They get them in, just not exactly what I am looking for yet. They never marked their prices above normal during the mayhem.

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