Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thanks Obama

Why can't we have a political figure head that doesn't whore himself out for the votes.The big O's latest partial amnesty is a joke. I went to Lowes to pick up some supplies for some home projects. Typical luck. I get behind a family of Mexicans. Am I a racist. No. This particular family could not speak a word of English. Their daughter (which appeared to be about sevenish) had to translate to the best of her limited ability. They could not understand what a rebate was. NO COMPRENDE. Took almost fifteen minutes of them looking dumb founded at cashier for them to finally not purchase door and leave. I have no problem with Mexicans (or any race for that matter) but to allow people like this amnesty(temporary or permanent) is WRONG. If they are here illegally, it is wrong. Speak English. It is THE American language. Too proud of your nationality to learn, GET OUT. All legal immigrants are required to learn the language. It should not be a political issue. If you are illegal, get out. Actively seek out and deport them. If they have a rally, good opportunity to check status and thin the herd.. Hire illegals, put the employer in jail. Fine them heavily. Democrats see them as more votes. Again, nothing against Mexicans. I don't care if they let one in legally that meets citizen requirements for every one of them they boot out. Meet the requirements and SPEAK ENGLISH.....Ironic thing is, if Mexico catches you there illegally, they jail your butt. Chances are, you don't get cable tv in there either:)

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