Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dems need more voters...

Holiday weekend coming up. I will probably head to the bank, show my ID and cash a check. I will probably drop off and pick up some beer, again showing my ID. If I smoked, I would go pick up cigs, again being asked for an ID. SOOOOOOOOOO, why  is it that Texas can not require a photo ID for people to cast a vote. The screwed up Judicial morons ruled it put an undo burden on the poor, to have an ID?????????? Really. What on earth do they use for getting their welfare handouts,food stamps and other give me's. How does anyone survive without an ID of sorts in this day and age. And what grounds can be used to deny a state that is only trying to prevent voter fraud....Especially the poor states that share a border with mexico. This country is screwed. Too many liberals in charge. Guess the Obama crowd wants to make sure they have enough padding to pull off another four miserable years of ineptitude.  I would think ALL states would have a requirement in place requiring state issued ID showing you are a LEGAL citizen. Indiana does, and until recently, I thought all states did.Wonder if I could go down to mexico and bitch enough where they would let me vote for their next dictator president. No. Probably just get my a$$ thrown in their jail for being there illegally.

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  1. Because the three examples you use are private organizations using ID to avoid a liability (theft of funds and illegally selling to under minors x2)in a commercial transaction which is not a right while voting is a right and the government considers requiring ID to be an infringement of that right...just as requiring drug testing before receiving government assistance would similarly be discriminatory.

    Except that's all crap. If requiring ID to vote discriminates against the poor, allowing undocumented illegals to vote because you cannot prove they are who they say they are discriminates against EVERYONE here legally. If requiring a drug test before receiving public assistance discriminates against minorities (and think about the implications of THAT statement....) then not requiring it is essentially defrauding ALL the taxpayers of this country when their money (it's not the government's money) is pissed up a wall or shot up a vein instead of helping those who need it.
    You want public assistance, well it comes with conditions. Perhaps not being able to vote would be a good start - conflict of interest. Better though would be ID to vote and a choice of lines - you can vote or you can have a $2 lottery ticket at no-cost (nothing is free) ....I'd even be willing to let those without ID take a ticket...
    I bet we'd get better government that way!