Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vet day today

Was planning on a fun getaway today,but the dog strained his back yesterday and was in alot of pain. We spent the day at the vets and, thankfully, the x-rays came in clean. They said he just strained his back and I need to keep mister hyper from jumping up on the couch and running around for a while. Might have to see if they make dog size straight jackets as my dog is either napping or going full throttle. They gave him a shot and some doggy happy pills and he seems to be doing much better for the time being. If he is doing well in the morning, I may slip out and do a few fun things on my list. Hopefully the pills help temporarily calm him down and he will sleep most of the day. His tails up and he seems to feel alot better. The girls at the vet know him on sight. He actually enjoys going there.

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  1. I'm glad it was nothing too serious. When Barkley hurt his leg a couple of summers ago he was in so much pain he quite drinking water and couldn't stand. Tam and I made a big sling to get him into the truck and drove into the city to the big doggy hospital. They told me he had the equivalent injury of a 50 year old man playing touch football. Just hyper-extended his leg jumping for a toy.

    But we worry about them, don't we.