Saturday, January 22, 2011

Whittaker run

Went to Whittaker gun shop today. Their website showed they had the M1A I have been looking for in stock, as well as a couple springfield trapdoors. They didn't have the M1A when I got there. They have the scouts and the stainless barreled loaded versions. They have the synthetic stock ones. For some reason, it is almost impossible to track down a loaded M1A with a blued national match barrel and sights. When they get one in, it is gone before I can get there. Hopefully find one at the armory show next month. If not, April machine gun shoot not too far off. The trapdoor was in alot worse shape than they let on in the ad. It was still a nice trip. Still trying to figure out which shotgun to get. The club spotshoots will be starting up again in less than a month. I also checked out their retro rifles while I was there. They have the modern reproductions of the Sharpes rifles, as well as the trapdoors. They also had mini sharpe models chambered in .22. It was a nice day.

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