Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nice weather.

Weather warmed up nicely. It was in the 50s this afternoon. Suppose to be in the 40's tomorrow. May head to the club and blow some cobwebs out of some of the guns tomorrow. Still trying to find my M1A. NRA says obama and crew are making noises on the assault weapons ban as well as the large magazine ban again. Should drive prices back up and availability down. Still can't believe there are enough mentally challenged people in the US to put a Chicago politician into the oval office. Not to mention all the chicago parasites he brought with him. Arizona shooting was a horrible thing done by a mental reject. But the democrats will be turning it into their ammo for the new gun control laws they have on the way. Somehow the nimrods can't figure out gun control only disarms the law abiding citizens. You look at chicago (nobama country) where guns are forbidden to anyone except criminals and aldermen (same thing) and the crime rate there, you would think anyone with sense would see it does not work. Not the democrats. At least Chicago will have a new face in their antigun arena. Daley is stepping down after bleeding chicago for all he could. Rahm finally paid off the right person to get on the ballot. So at least they will have a new dictator to look at.  Hope I can find my M1A before the mental midgets get a new ban in place. Hope the Republicans can put someone up in 2012 that can take the reins. One more term with numbnuts and we may not have a country left.


  1. LOL! Just remember to keep taking your blood pressure medications.

  2. Hope you're holding up with the storm. I still have power so all is well here.