Thursday, December 28, 2017

Over half vacation gone

Past the half way point of my vacation, but, I have gotten a ton of things done. Windows were last week, and are awesome. Window treatments are all up and look great. I headed up north to visit family and friends for the holidays. Stayed with my brother and his girlfriend. Met up with Og and did some running about. Hit up the gun stores and grabbed some food. It was nice to see him again. Missed getting to see the Og family this time around. Spent quite a bit of time seeing the grandson. He is walking very well now and has lots of new toys to play with. It was nice seeing everyone again. I hate the drive, but love the people. Head back up in June for the grandbabies birthday. Shouldn't have to worry about snow at that time at least.

Got back and hit up Lowes on Tuesday. Ordered my refrigerator and dishwasher. Should be here in a few weeks. I have yet to get an appliance the next day as they advertise. Always out of stock on whatever you want. It works out though. I want to run gas line for the range and reroute the water line for the refrigerator. Need to run a couple electrical outlets for the range and microwave as well. I was going to go with a 36 inch stove to keep from having to rearrange the cabinets. I am putting the range where the refrigerator is now. I found some 3 inch filler panel that matches my cabinets though, so, I will be putting a strip on each side of the opening and ordering my new countertops to make up the difference. They sell filler strips for the microwave so I will use that kit to mount a 30 inch microwave in the 36 inch opening. I know which oven I want. Hopefully I can find one of the illusive sales people in the appliance department at lowes tomorrow. I tried today and had no luck. I swear if you want one, you have to tackle them and drag them to the department. If you don't need one and you are trying to look, you have to beat them off with a club. Want to price and order the counter top as it too will take a couple weeks. It is going to be sweet when done. I will have an extra breaker as well as I am getting rid of the electric range top freeing up a 220 breaker. It will be used to power the garage. Looking forward to cooking with gas again. I hate electric.

Today, I felt like torturing myself. I painted the office. I loathe painting. I put a coat on the ceiling a few weeks back, but it needed another coat. The previous owner was a minister. That was his office. Not sure if it was a satanic church or what. The walls and ceiling were painted DARK blue. Who paints a ceiling in a room with no ceiling light DARK blue. I had two torch lamps in there and it was still dark. Painting the ceiling helped, but didn't solve the issue. I liked the color of the main bedroom. Naturally, it was the only room they didn't have a paint can for. I removed a piece of trim and had the paint department scan it and mix a gallon. I had to patch where they took a tv down as well as some other holes in the wall. I didn't want to paint that room. I lucked out and the paint matched perfectly. After patching spots in main bedroom, I put another coat of paint on office ceiling and painted the walls with the bedroom paint. MUCH better. A single torch light and the room is bright. I will let the paint dry for a couple weeks so I can tape the walls at the ceiling and retouch the ceiling in a few spots that I hit with a dap of wall paint or otherwise marked up the ceiling. Shouldn't take long to touch up, but with everything drying, need to let it all cure to finish it up. Tomorrow I will get the furniture back in place and unpack stuff I never unpacked because I needed to paint. Get the shades put up. Then, it will be down to the basement to run the electric for the new kitchen appliances. Have to get stuff ready while I am off. Want to get a new gas water heater installed and have the plumber run the new gas line for the stove while he has the gas line disconnected. Water heater works and doesn't leak, but it is old and making noise. Feel better getting a new one in as opposed to waiting for it to fail.

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