Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hell week

First week back from vacation was extra wretched. Had one machine down waiting on technician when a second machine died the afternoon of my last day before vacation. I got back from vacation and the tech shows up, by himself. It is a two man job getting machine broke down. I worked three twelve hour days, a ten hour day, finishing the week out with a  morning root canal at the oral surgeon followed by a half day at work. The week was BAD. Technician managed to smoke a power supply and encoder board. Naturally he blamed age for the failure, not the fact that he grounded the board while testing it. I robbed another machine to get boards to finish repair of machine one. Get it together, we get a power failure during testing. Get it back up and going. Techs company sent wrong directions for teaching the b-axis back into machine. Took another day to get proper instructions, which were clear as mud. I did get tech to find bug in machine as he could not keep it running to teach part in, so, a glitch the machine had is now gone. Monday, I get to do oil flush and change on two machines, change out filters,then, hopefully I can get back to just running the machines instead of getting dirty. Tired of having to work for a living. Keep thinking of becoming a democrat so I can just stay home and live off Uncle Sam, but I like my frontal lobe too much. That pride thing sucks too. It is highly overrated though:)

Just chilled out today. Jaw is starting to throb less. Dinner was a taco casserole from a recipe from Brigid's Home on the Range blog. It was awesome. Going to try making it with chicken and buffalo sauce next week. Last weekend, I dug the mustang out of the pile of junk I had on it. Going to start working on it again. Going to check the frame out tomorrow. May see if I feel confident enough to try and weld it myself. I can always stop and take it in if I feel like I am over my head. Been looking at videos on youtube getting ideas what order to weld the plates in, and how to go about it. Have the main floor area cut out and cleaned up already. Thought that was all that was needed when I started. Need to cut out torque box (have new one already) and part of floor support and frame (also have new) and then attempt reconstruction. I found the wheels and tires I want. Don't want to order until I have it ready for road. Hope to have it road ready in the spring. Have the color down to about three choices now. Black interior leaves everything open as far as color goes. Toying with candy apple red. Found an interesting yellow candy that also looks cool. Throw some black stripes along the bottom side. Tire shop has an app where you can choose your car, color, tires, and wheels for preview. Helps visualize what combo would look like. See how I feel tomorrow. Hope to play in garage all day. Today was just trying to rest up from the week and get my jaw to calm down.

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