Sunday, July 10, 2016

Back to work tomorrow...

That first day back from vacation. I am dreading it. Have a repair guy coming out for one of my machines, and another one of my machines had a major breakdown on the afternoon of my last day, so I will be working on it. I am going to be walking into a steaming pile. The lead person texted that my FMLA abuser is gone again and my one still running machine is still where I left off, a week ago. Yes, life sucks. Hopefully have one or both machines back up by Tuesday or Wednesday. Cap of the week will be my root canal on Friday. In the chair at 6:30 in the morning. I never heard of a doctor of any type starting that early. It will be nice to get in and get it over with so I can enjoy the rest of the day. Yeah. Already ready for next vacation.

I did get all repairs done on truck. Steering is like new. I replaced the blower motor resistor and now have full control of the fan speed again. Of course, it needed the $110 resistor instead of the $25 resistor, but it is fixed now. Aftermarket radio I installed last year now has the ability to make calls through radio with phone still holstered. I had to bypass a safety they built in the radio. They had a safety to prevent dialing if car wasn't in park with the parking brake on (push brake, release brake, then set it again) thus making it difficult for a normal person to make a phone call. I have the sense not to text and drive just as I have the sense to not be trying to dial on a screen while motoring down the highway. I can now easily dial at a stop light and use the radios built in wireless calling via mic and speaker system. I also chased down the loose connection on driver side speaker. Made an appointment for rotating tires. I should be done with most of the list of to do items for vacation. Today, relax and cruise around in the Vette on a sunny non humid day with the top off. May fire up the grill later and throw some ears of corn on with the burgers. Time to chill for a bit.

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