Thursday, September 11, 2014

Time to print out and fill out the score cards again...

Yes, it is only midterm, but they all count. I really, really, really, yes and one more really wish Donnelly's ass was on this one. This is a nice site. You input your info and it tells you who is on your ballot and what questions will be asked, and it is printable so you can choose and take it along to the poll. Questions are easy. Retain judges? NO. I really wish Indiana could help win back the Senate, but, as said, Donnelly's useless Obama loving butt is not on the line on this one. Hopefully the Republicans can find someone who can control themselves to run against him. Still pissed off at Mourdock. He had it in the bag, then he opened his mouth. Oh well. At least we know he was against abortions. Thus, we got Donnelly. Yes, Donnelly. A couple more years of Donnelly. Oh well. Against abortions is perfectly fine. Say you are prolife and go on. Don't do a Mourdock and stick your foot in your mouth. We lost two senate seats over it. Say your prolife and let it be. No theatrics, no hysteria, no ridiculous elaborations, just move on.

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