Saturday, May 31, 2014

The weekend

Worked today, got off, cut grass, then died on couch, after making perogis for dinner. I am now ready to enjoy the weekend. During the week, after work, I managed to cut off and square up stock for the fixture I will use in machining the AR lower. Got one plate done, just have to do a bit of cutting on the other plate and I will be ready to start my lower. Hopefully get started tomorrow. Laundry is caught up, and lawn is caught up, so, I should be able to play tomorrow. Starting to get my tools in order. Still can't find my indexable cutting tools for the lathe. Need to pick up a few mics at the next Indy show I go to. The guy usually has a few Starretts for sale. I don't buy the cheap chinese junk, even for home. You can usually get quality used mics for what new mititoya junk costs. Most of what I do at home can be measured with calipers, but there are times accuracy matters. I do have an extra depth mic at work as well as an extra one inch Brown and Sharpe mic. Brought one of my precision angle plates home to clamp to. Garage is actually looking pretty good. Want to get a little boring bar for the lathe. Indexable ID threading bar would be even better. There is a huge flea market in a few weeks where there are tool vendors selling used, quality tools of all sorts. Have to see what they have.

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