Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The government shut down is finally here. We are finally on the right track. Now if they can only shut off the food stamps, free housing, free phones, and the other real drains on the economy we can get somewhere. Put lifetime limits on the amount of government aid one can get before he or she is kicked to the curb to fend like the rest of us do.  Maybe we can taper back the borrowing from China while we are "shut down". I love how the republicans get slammed with all the blame.

 Wouldn't it be nice if we could live like the government? Couldn't you imagine just going in and quitting your job? No need to worry about money. Just charge everything. What about running the card up? No problem, just get a new one. How great would it be to have a card like the government? Just keep having the card raise your limit. No need to ever pay back the money, just kick the can down the road.

If we had any real news media, they would already be harping on the debt, instead of skewering the republicans for trying to get the senate to actually cough up a budget, listen to the people on Obama care, and try to spend in our means. It is never going to happen. They will cave, and, with the way the news media twists it, the republicans will once again take the heat. The people that get their news from the little commercial blurbs between their reality shows, will think the republicans are just being  hateful racists against the first black man in the white house. Hopefully, the shut down will last for a while, and they can get some semblance of a budget in place, but, most probably not.

 As for the furloughed federal employees, not our problem. I don't think any of them were too concerned when NAFTA killed a bunch of jobs and sent them overseas. Whirlpool pulled their local plant and headed to Mexico last year. It devastate the area. Do what us common folk do, suck it up, and go look for work to get by on. Your gravy job will be back. Probably with back pay as most government jobs come with perks us commoners could never even dream of getting.

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