Thursday, July 25, 2013


Finally got around to doing a refi on the house. Sign the papers tomorrow. Knock fifteen years off the loan and the payment only goes up sixty a month. May as well take advantage of the economy being in the tank. The weather is incredible. Seems more like spring than summer, and I am still scheduled off for the weekend. The county fair is going on, and, the neighboring county has their steam and iron show with a flea market as well. Gun auction Saturday. Should be a great weekend.

I see Obama is focusing on the economy now. One would think he could accomplish more talking to congress instead of running all over the country berating all the republicans  and blaming Bush for all his woes, and there are many,  many woes. Apparently, all problems reside with the house not rubber stamping his spending like a drunken sailor. If only he could have control over both houses of congress, he could fulfill his destiny (of completely dismantling the republic). If only the republicans could just ignore the "fake scandals" ( his exact words) and see things his way, all would be awesome and the economy would flourish once more. Maybe this set of campaign speeches is just what this country needs. Maybe this is just the right amount of mud slinging to get this country back on track.
He does have one point, I do need to talk to my congress critters again. I thank Coats all the time  when he sticks up for our rights. I also berate Donnelly the useless democrat every time he votes his party instead of what is right. If you don't voice your opinion to your reps, how are they to know how their people really stand on things? The Friends of the NRA banquet is next week, and some of the politicians make their way out there. I do love living in a red state.

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